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This is 'Freedom 2 Protect'. from Laurel, DE.  We look to  build skills through training. We hope to help make you aware that you have choices for yourself, your family, your church, school or business. 

Contact Bob at 518-487-0894 for questions. further information, or to request our service.


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Sanitizing Products
Shooting Target

Real Estate Safety Course

Handgun Takedown and Cleaning

USCCA Protector Academy Level 1 Qualifications

  • Why are real estate agents at risk?

  • Situation Awareness.

  • How stress affects the body.

  • Mindset and defensive strategies.

  • Defensive options.

  • Rules governing the use of deadly force.

  • Immediate aftermath of a violent crime, What to do.

  • Approx 4 hour class

  • Cost $65.00/person

  • Demonstrate how to disassemble, clean, and oil the internal components of your firearm and reassemble.

  • Approx 1 hour class

  • Cost $25.00/Gun

  • Requirements: Must take a 2 hr in-person course with USCCA instructor.

  • Success Criteria: Must shoot at least 70% (35 or more) in 9" circle in target.

  • Course of fire: Shoot 5 stages (3,5,7,10,15 yd) 10 rds each.

  • Approx 1/2 hour Live fire

  • Cost $25.00/Qualification

  • Additional range cost of $25 may apply.

Training and Services

Our Story
Freedom 2 Protect
Veteran Owned and Operated

Get to Know The Instructor

The "2" in our name is significant for its reference to the 2nd Amendment, which states we have freedom to protect ourselves and our loved ones.


At Freedom 2 Protect, we build  confidence through building skills.


My Qualifications:

  • USCCA Certified Conceal Carry Instructor for Delaware


            First Time Shooter Training


            One on One Training


            Handgun Cleaning Class

  • USCCA Countering Mass Shooter Threats

  • Real Estate Agent Safety Class

We help you become:

               Aware, Educated. and Trained


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